Wikipedia Books Now in Color and Hardcovers

You've been asking, we've been listening. The most demanded features for our Wikipedia books were color inside and hardcover outside. It's now a reality. As of a few days ago, you can now order books in hardcover and with color content. We're very excited about these new features, because it allows you to make books that are not only customized, but also even more beautiful and resistant. They simply look good in your bookshelf.

Wikipedia articles are illustrated with material from Wikimedia Commons, which features more than 5 million freely licensed images and graphics. Some of those pictures are simply breathtaking, and offering color for our books is only paying justice to the amazing work of hundreds of volunteers who upload their free material on Wikimedia projects. It was long due, but it's now here.

As for hardcovers, they allow your customized Wikipedia books to be even more stunning. We've chosen for those hardcovers a cream-colored paper, which lends your books an extremely classy look, as well as opted for a bound silk bookmark, which comes in handy for easy reference.

Of course we still offer our paperback books. If you wish to add color or get a hardcover for your book, all you have to do is choose the corresponding option on the editing screen where you prepare your book (see screenshot). You can still have hardcover in Black and White as well as color in paperback. All combinations are possible.

The hardcovers and color books are perfect for a special gift to someone you care about. Whether you go for the Birthday Book, or the Travel Book, or simply any customized book from Wikipedia content, color and hardcover will make a difference, and a fantastic Christmas present!

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