Order Books Before 6th of December to Make Sure They Get to You in Time!

You know how it is, Holiday Season is one of those times where everything tends to be hectic and things have got to go fast. Well, no exception for ordering great customized books for your loved ones in time to put them under the Christmas tree.

Considering books have got to be printed and then sent to wherever you are in the world, if you want to have your books ready for Christmas and want to be able to tuck them in your loved ones' Christmas Sock, you need to get busy.

Our Customer survey showed that most people take around 10 to 30 minutes to make a great book. However, well, all this knowledge takes a little more time to be printed and shipped. So this week, the first 15 minutes you have available should be dedicated to make your customized Wikipedia books. Any order made before December 6th will get to you in time, any order after that date, we cannot guarantee that it will make it in time to the Christmas Tree. The good news is, our German customers have a little more time, as for them the deadline for any book shipped within Germany is the 15th of December.

Get going, start the book creator and make your book. If you're short of ideas, look up the posts we filed under our ideas tag, this should give you plenty of material to work with. In these times of end-of-the-year Season though, you might want to add a Yearbook to your collection (retracing all great events of the past year) or who knows, a book about Christmas and everything related to it!

And of course, don't forget all the beautiful-books goodness we've been introducing in the past few weeks, hard covers and color content for even more fantastic books.

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