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There's something about time that I quite don't get, Christmas seems to be there earlier each year. And now it's upon us again. Well, Holiday Season, since not everyone will celebrate Christmas the same way, or even at all. Anyway, that time is around the corner and while I'm sure you're already thinking "It's too early to think about it yet", I am also sure that there is a little voice at the back of your head which goes "Oh noes, I am going to have to think about presents again!". I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time finding good presents in time for the people I love. And especially for the people I love. They seem to have it all, and frankly, yet another pair of gloves or again the best-seller novel of the year, which they might not even like, is not an option.

So... how about a present that nobody else has thought about? A present that's different? A present that's tailored to the person you love? I am thinking, of course, one of our customized Wikipedia books!

Let's see, what kind of book would please say, my grand-father? He was born in 1919, loves planes, records the weather better than any weather station out there and used to make wine. No book out there will have all of this in one, except the book I can make for him. So here it goes. Let's start with the article 1919. I'll add some aviation stuff (how about the articles: Aviation, General aviation, Glider (he used to glide), Aerial warfare (he was a pilot in the war), I'll throw in a few French aviators and aviation history of his time, such as Jean Mermoz , Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry, Générale Aéropostale, Pierre Georges Latécoère. I'll then move on to some Meteorology topics and add the article about the Rain Gauge (he has one in the garden that he checks every morning). And I'll finish up with the wine theme: Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, Regional Bordeaux AOCs, and Bordeaux Wine Regions. That should do it. I'll title it "From planes to wine, History and my Grand-Father", or something along those lines.

But there's also: my best friend, who'll get a thorough volume about Rock Music with a pinch of George Clooney). My cousin, who just moved to Montréal, Canada, will love a book about the city, the Province and the country. There's also my favorite colleague. She's a news buff, so for her it'll be the Year 2010 according to Wikipedia. Something that mixes the Football World Cup in South Africa with the Polish plane crash and adds a touch of Claude Chabrol and Eric Rohmer (she was a fan of their work).

In short, for every person, I can make the book that best represents them. A fine personal gift, all the more since I can now choose color content and hardcovers for a great look. What about you? Which book are you going to make for your loved ones? It's easy, it starts here. Don't forget to share the cool books you have made on our Facebook page!

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