Viva Wikimanía

This year's Wikimania was held during 26th–28th August in Buenos Aires. Johannes and I returned last week and and brought two suitcases full of motivation and fresh ideas with us.

Videos of Wikimania presentations are available on Wikimedia Commons, including the keynotes, the many scheduled panels, the lightning talks, and Richard Stallman's speech from Tuesday, before the conference started. The full schedule provides video links to most of the talks and sessions.

I held a presentation about the MediaWiki book tool and our service. It focused on on our past experiences and future developments such as the new UI, custom covers and the imminent launch on the English language Wikipedia.

Bibliográfika – the largest digital printing company in Argentine – sponsored the production of 200 PediaPress books, which were picked up quickly by the attendees. A big thank you to Bibliográfika for the sponsoring!"

The venue in Buenos Aires featured plenty comfortable spaces that allowed to socialize and have inspiring chats. We collected a lot of feedback and suggestions for our service. Notable discussions were about the deployment of the new user interface, publishing Wikipedia books based on the Wikipedia Version 1.0 project and PediaPress as a tool for students.

Kudos to all of the organizers of the Wikimania 2009! And now we are looking forward to next year's Wikimania in Gdańsk!

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