Jimmy Wales gives away Wikipedia books

It has been the greatest job for PediaPress so far: printing 350 Wikipedia books for the Gottlieb-Duttweiler-Award 2011. Jimmy Wales, this year's laureate, decided to give away Wikipedia books to the invited guests. The book contains a selection of Wikipedia articles around the topic of Duttweiler and Wikipedia and a personal foreword by Wales himself.

Jimmy Wales signs Wikipedia books

The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute honors Jimmy Wales for “his merits of democratizing the access to knowledge”. With Wikipedia, world's largest Online-Encyclopaedia, the corner stone for free knowledge is set – but only in countries who have internet access. By giving away Wikipedia books, Wales indicates that the free knowledge should also be promoted in countries with little or no internet access.

PediaPress happily agreed to produce 350 hardcover books entitled “Gottlieb Duttweiler Award 2011”. The books have been shipped to RĂ¼schlikon, Switzerland and will be handed out during the ceremony.

Image sources: © Thomas Entzeroth, http://www.entzeroth.ch/


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What was the content of the printed books? I hope they included the shameless redirect for the Wikipedia article about Carolyn Doran. Or, at least include the content of "Essjay controversy". That was a classic.