¡Hablamos Español!

Well, our "español" is not yet at the top of what it could be, but we're trying hard. We've finally gotten around to translate our web interface in Spanish. The Spanish Wikipedia is growing rapidly and offers now more than 650 000 articles for the reader to compile their books with. The "create a book" (crear un libro) has been enabled on the Spanish Wikipedia for quite some time now, and it has been well used in other language Wikipedias, but we hadn't gotten around to make it easier for Spanish speakers to get a hold of their own paperback made from Wikipedia articles.

Now, when people come to our website from the Spanish Wikipedia, they get to make their own book following instructions in Spanish.

The journey starts on Wikipedia, with the crear un libro link, which one can find on the left hand side in the navigation bar, under imprimir/exportar. When you have started the book creator, you can add articles as you browse Wikipedia and make your own book. Once you've finished collecting the articles you want in your book, just click on Previsualizar con PediaPress in the section Solicitar el libro impreso. You'll be taken to our PediaPress Website... in Spanish! There you need to be a little patient Por favor, espere unos minutos - su libro está siendo cargado. Once that is done, you can personalize your cover and order your book... all in Spanish.

Cover image

Although our Spanish is a bit rusty and we can't guarantee that our grammar is perfect, we'll also try to answer your questions in Spanish. Don't hesitate to ask us through the feedback button if you need help, and if you find anything in our Spanish translation that does not make sense, or that is missing, don't hesitate either to just tell us, we'll do our best to ensure you get the best book experience ever!

¡Hasta luego!

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