Six more Wikipedia languages!

PediaPress is now live on the Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Simple English language editions of Wikipedia! Here's the official announcement of the Wikimedia Foundation.

And the PediaPress.com website is now available in French, too. If your browser is configured accordingly, you should be automatically greeted in French. Otherwise you can switch the language in the select widget at the bottom of each page.


putnik said...

How to help you with site languages?

putnik said...

Is anybody here?

Johannes Beigel said...

@putnik: You can contact us at support (at) pediapress (dot) com.

There's also a ticket in our bug tracker: http://code.pediapress.com/wiki/ticket/415

But I guess it's easier, when you write to the above email address.


Anonymous said...

My congratulations to PediaPress - I just came across this while researching printable wikis...I think what you are providing is an excellent idea - I can't believe you can print the materials for the kinds of prices suggested.

It's really very impressive - I am hoping to test the service in the next 2 months (our wiki should be public soon...fingers crossed)...good luck with the venture.

Liam O'Duibhir