Collection Extension at the OpenOffice.org Wiki

In his blog post “Books, Wikis and PDFs”, Clayton Cornell from Sun Microsystems describes his experience and impressions with the installation of the Collection extension for MediaWiki at the OpenOffice.org Wiki. He explains how to collect articles, download PDF documents and order professionally printed books from PediaPress.com.

Concerning the PDF output he writes:

Ok, fine, you can generate a PDF, but what does it look like? Is it actually readable? Is it just a jumble of text? This is another area where you can see a lot of time and attention has been put into this extension. The PDF is very well formatted - especially when you consider how basic the source material is.

The people at Sun have a natural interest in OpenDocument (ODT) output which is currently experimental code in mwlib. We are very happy that Clayton and his colleagues plan to collaborate with the PediaPress team to improve it!

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